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Site updated 01 Jan 15

Welcome to Family Roots

Whether you are an old hand or just starting out we hope you find something of interest on our site.

Genealogy is a fascinating, but sometimes frustrating pastime, but you may just find the name that has eluded you for ages here.

If you are just starting out and are young enough to still have grandparents that you can talk to please do so as soon as possible.

Ask your family about their early lives, make up a questionnaire so you can ask the right questions.

This is useful if you don't see aunts, uncles or cousins very often.

You will kick yourself if after a visit to a relative, living a distance away, you forget to ask the right questions.

The more information you can collect now could save you hours in the future.

Join us to discover more about your family history.

The crest shown on either side of the "Family Roots" banner is that of the Eastbourne Borough Council, who have kindly given us permission for its use.

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